Wild Yarn
Monday, December 19, 2005
It's a big movie. . . if you want to see this movie you must do it in the theater. It deserves the biggest screen possible.
3 hours, yes. Does it feel like it, not really (unless you gotta pee, in which case go easy on the soda and definitely go before).
Special effects are the best. Don't try to analyze any of it, just sit back and enjoy the action. The dinosaur stampede is mind blowing. I nearly squeezed my poor Snickers poppables to death. When they "meet" the natives it is really intense. I thought my poor son and his friend where gonna pee themselves. Hell, I thought I might. Very disagreeable folks.
I thought the only part that was really drawn out where the scenes between Kong and Ann. They would stare at each other and I just wanted to say, "get on with it". But other than that, it was GRRREAT! Adrien Brody really is a cutie.

It is worth the bucks and you will talk about all kinds of scenes on the way home. It really lasts with you for awhile.

Peace~ DAWN

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