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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
  It's Over (boo hoo)
**sob, sob** my Christmas vacation is over. Tomorrow I go back to work and I wanna stay home with the kids and the husband. Not fair (stomping foot).

I had such a nice Christmas with my family and enjoyed reading about my cyber-friends holidays, as well. We had so much fun on the 25th (it was a morning full of surprises for each family member). Everyone got something they weren't expecting so I feel that the only thing left for next year is sticks and coal in the stockings.

I completed the gift for my friend in N. Dakota. I will get pictures when it is done drying (yes, it is felted--I said felted, not fulled so purests can have something to bitch about. It is felted to me; it sounds better and makes more sense, so that is the term I use). I started on a little sweater for a charity and I picked another charity to make a couple of scarves for. I also got a box together to send off full of 4 hats and 10 scarves for some kids in Arkansas. So my 25 things is adding up.

We hit a few shopping malls yesterday and I must say it wasn't near as crowded as I thought it would be. We had to return a game that was full of many deep scratches and it didn't hurt that along the way Hot Topic was having a killer sale and so was Michael's. I also picked up a book for $1.99 full of nice photos for some postcards I'm making for PostCrossing (see sidebar if interested).

Okay, till the weekend, my friends. Have fun, stay safe and brace yourselves for 2006!!!!
Peace~ DAWN

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