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Thursday, December 22, 2005
I haven't posted in a few days. Do you still remember me? or have you said, '**** it, she's quit on us."
Well, today being my day off from work, I did the following:

All before 2 pm. Wow!

here are the treats:

My kids call the stuff in the bowl "Crack Rocks" you may know it as Muddy Buddies or some kind of chow. Anyhow, around here it is "crack rocks" cause once they start eating it, its nearly impossible to stop. The other plate has macaroon cookies. A new recipe and it is quite delicious! Tonite I make Pralines!! one of my favorites. By that time maybe our new dishwasher will be installed and I can quite dipping my hands in water. It's not like I don't wash them about 25 times a day as it is. My skin feels like paper! Our other dishwasher went belly up on Monday/Tuesday and I am very spoiled and like a dishwasher. I will not appologize. Can't make me.

Here are the latest 3 squares (it brings my count to 9):

I am so happy with how they are turning out. I think this afghan is gonna be a knockout when it is all said and done.

Are we all set for Christmas? Three more days, ya know. I keep hearing people out in public saying things like "boy, can't wait till Christmas is over" or "sure wish it would hurry up and get through". What the hell is wrong with people? I love Christmas! I think if people wouldn't put so much pressure on themselves and do what it is they really want to do and give to who they really want to give, it would all be a better time of year. I wish I could do more and see more of my friends or family but it ain't happening so I just deal. In the end, it's just about love. Come on, give me a virtual hug, you know you wanna. Here's one for you {{hug}}. Don't you feel better?

Peace everybody~ DAWN


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