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Sunday, November 27, 2005
  Thankful For. . .
Secret Pals!!! get a look at my reveal from Ashleigh aka:AshEgypt(click her name and check out her blog. . .she's got a lot going for her).

This is organized chaos. She wrapped each thing individually and my youngest had a blast upwrapping for me. Can you believe this! She spoiled me ROTTEN.

Here is a picture after I organized it a bit.
You can't see the great scarves she made, but there is a bronze one and a red mobious neck scarf. I love them both. Tons of yarn, a book of Knit hats, lots of extras plus, she spoiled each of my kids. She made the older ones some killer iPod cozies and the young one got a giant Hershey bar (that was a sought after gift by everyone). . .take a look at this:

You can see a close up of her iPod skully sweaters here: Skully Sweaters
She is very talented. This was a great swap. I enjoyed spoiling my pal and I really really enjoyed being spoiled by my pal. Thank you, Ashleigh!! Yippie!!

Peace and enjoy the lingering moments of this Thanksgiving weekend, everybody. ~ DAWN

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