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Sunday, November 20, 2005
  Movies, Movies
Hello, My name is Johnny Cash.

Yes, it is worth the ticket price to see this movie. Not only are the parts played well, but the music is really well done. Don't shoot me or anything, but I think I like Joaquin and Reese's singing better. They pack a lot into the 2 plus hours covering the years 1944-1968. Two negatives for me. . . the ending kind of kurplunked and June was overly sweet. Other than that. . . two thumbs up.

Now, how about that Harry?

Not only have the characters grown up but so has the movie. Very good special effects and who doesn't think magic is cool after all these years. No more bold stripped yellow and red scarves for these teens, they are chic narrow stripes of gold and maroon, fine knit scarves now. The kids are much more secure in there abilities ,too. I love that Harry is nervous, but rises to the challenges (unlike the quivering Frodo in Lord of the Rings--grow some balls already). Dark? maybe. Some heavy images to deal with for kiddies? yeah. If you are over 8 and seen the others, then go for it. There are so many subtle lessons given in these books/movies ; you really want you kids to learn them. "you will have to choose what is right or what is easy"

I say, go to the movies, people. With your significant other or with the kids in tow. You won't be disappointed.

Peace~ DAWN


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