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Friday, November 11, 2005
  Marvelous Mini Tote, completed
I F***ing Hate blogger sometimes!!!!!!!!!
This is my second attempt at posting this so here goes:

I finished making the Marvelous Mini Tote by Deneen. It is so fast and looks great, so if you want to try fulling/felting whatever, give this pattern a try. If you want a wool yarn that is great to full with then try Wool of the Andes by www.knitpicks.com or the wool from www.handpaintedyarn.com. I used Maderas from handpaintedyarns and it fulled in two cycles, 2! I dare you to find the stitches. Dare you. You can't even see them. All you see is the blended variations of color. I love it.

Here are the pictures all in a row, cause this is were blogger screwed with me (the cd is for size reference only, not a plug).

Well, there you have it. Have a great day and I am out of here. Back to work for me and away from the stress of blogging with photos! Arugh!

Peace~ DAWN


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