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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  Good Things
Look what I found lurking on the magazine rack at Hastings yesterday. Wow, it is full of really good patterns {can't you tell by my eyes}. So find it and buy it; mucho worth it.

If that weren't enough goodness to share with you, then take a gander at my new iPod holder. My poor iPod has scratches on it and it takes a beating (for some reason, my sons, who have their own pods, choose to listen to mine on an almost daily basis, go figure). I made it with Landscapes sock yarn from www.KnitPicks.com and it is so soft. It's like a bear hug for my iPod.
I now have a whole 390 songs on the thing. Latest additions are: Brain Stew by Green day and Beat My Guest by Adam and the Ants (both off SLC Punk cd). Yah!
Peace and have a great day

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