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Sunday, November 06, 2005
  Crochet Sunday:
I don't know what is going on with me but lately I have been making tons of hats. Maybe it is the impending colder weather or all these one skeiners I have laying around. All I know is, if I don't down size my stash pretty soon I may have to do a lot of karmic cleansing cause I really can't justify buying more yarn. No matter how beautiful it may be. Having said that, I bid on some recycled silk on eBay last night and have 4 days till I know if I got it. Help!!

To top it off my handpainted yarn came yesterday. I bought 2 skeins for Deneen's Marvelous Mini Tote and one skein of buttery soft wool for this hat:

See how fast that was. I think it took me longer to wind it on the winder than to crochet the hat. It is edged in some lushous yarn my secret pal sent me. If that weren't enough I cranked out this hat this morning:

It is the purple one (yes, that is purple cotton tots next to my soft skully). I made that one for my co-workers little girl. Problem: it looks to big for a toddler, so. . . I'm making a second one now with a hook 2 sizes smaller and it is looking perfect for a youngins' head. I think I will give that one above to my other co-worker for her little girl, she's a bit older.

Anyhow, I am by no means done with the hats so prepare yourselves for hat overload in the coming weeks, months, whatever.

Oh, and I'm so glad some of you all checked out the site from yesterdays post and liked it. I want something like that so badly for crocheters I can hardly stand it!! I mean it. Seriously. If nothing else a combo of crochet and knit. I'd settle for that. Just some cool and offbeat patterns. I'm trying people, I really am, I just don't know that I have all that much ingenuity.

I'm off to crochet, eat, drink, and watch football now. Have a great Sunday!!

Peace~ DAWN


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