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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  Confessions of a Yarnaholic
Okay, please don't judge me. I just stumbled upon this while fingering the yarns in the aisle at Hobby Lobby. There it was. . . 5 skeins of LB Thick and Quick:

all mismarked. Instead of $6.68 they were marked for $1.86!! I did a double take like three times. Then I thought "charity hats!" {I did to}. So, I took it as a Karmic sign that I was to take all the yarn that was mis-marked (hence the odd ball in the front) and make hats for charity out of it all. Yes! that is what was being said to me. If you don't believe me, how do you explain the fact that all the labels have knit hat/scarf sets on them EXCEPT for ONE! One has a crochet pattern for a hat/scarf set {see it in the upper left of the photo}. Exactly. Karma. You get this yarn for next to nothing if you give it away. So I gathered up my other yarn purchases--to be photographed later-- and made like a bandit (uh, bad choice of words) to the check out and skee-daddled out of there.

Trick or Treating went well. We woke up without any T.P in our trees {which is always a sigh of relief for me}. Others in the neighborhood were not as lucky. I must say, however, that they were poor attempts at toilet paper throwing. They were either weak or drunk. We are left with tons of tootsie roll minis and some Mike and Ike's {which is why I saved those in reserve. Tootsies are my fav. halloween treat}. I think our house got skipped a lot cause my son was wearing a creepy old man mask. I'll post it later. Anyway, he said kids kept running past our house when they would see him sitting in the driveway. He eventually came in to have my oldest sit out for awhile. Lazy boy made the kiddies come to the door. I thought sitting in the dim light of pumpkin glow with goulish music playing was much better but what does a mother know.

Hope you all had fun. Peace~ DAWN

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