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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Here is a finished object I worked on over the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a baby blanket for my niece. She is pregnant with her second child. The colors in the photo came out really off, but here goes:

I used the pattern called
"Simple Crocheted Baby Blanket" (not original by any means, but I didn't write it up). I used two skeins of RH Tweed I had bought on clearance a year ago (in denim) and found that wasn't gonna be enough so I went in search of another skein. Not happening, so I bought one skein in a cranberry color and the picture is the result of it. She is having a boy and I think this is very masculine. The weight of this blanket is wonderful and so easy to work up. I'm very happy with the results (but definitely not my photo of it).

Last nite was our oldest son's football banquet. It was a night for the senior ball players to get honored with a ring and their jerseys. We were so proud. It was worth it just to see how awkward it is to watch young men get hugged by coaches that throughout the session yelled at them. I was choking back great whoops of laughter every time a player walked up and each coach reach out to shake their hands and then hug them. These poor boys, half of which probably never have physical contact with their parents much less a coach, didn't know which way to put their heads or how close was to close. Funny stuff! No pictures cause like the photo whiz I am, I forgot the camera.

My husband started his new job today and I can't wait to hear all about it when he gets home. Well, it will probably have to wait cause I have to go in to work for about an hour and a half starting at 5pm and our youngest has his first basketball practice at 7pm so we probably won't see each other till after 8pm. Crap! I'm just glad he is working again. My house was looking like shit. I have spent most of the day cleaning and putting away things that have been laying about for weeks. It is by no means the way I want it, but it is started!! I can't get anything done with a house full of males laying about like a pride of lions during the daylight hours. It's just wrong.

Anyway, I'm off to work somemore on the ripple lapghan I'm making for charity. Can't wait to show this one off!! It is looking awesome.
Peace all~ DAWN

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