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Sunday, October 02, 2005
  Who's a Cute Bear?
Yes, you are! This is Pumpkin Bear from the Big Book of Bears. His is so cute and so tiny. He is only about 6 inches high. He will reside at work with me (probably sitting in a bowl of candy for the clients) and then. . .he will be gifted to my secret pal as a part of her reveal package. I just don't want to hide him away for the next few weeks. He is just so damn cute.

I said that I finished the economesh bag from Natalie and I now will show you the picture of the finished project:

It turned out so good and I highly recommend this pattern. I made mine out of La Espiga Nylon. It is super strong and durable and I love the colors you can turn them out in. I used the varigated green for the main portion and when I ran out I did a couple of rows in the matching 'celery' color. I have some red and blue left so those will be bags for my co-workers for Christmas. Thanks for such a great pattern Natalie!! you rock.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Peace~ DAWN

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