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Sunday, October 09, 2005
  What's Cookin'?
Why, it's a pot of Wool of the Andes from knitpicks.com and for a little spice, some sock landscapes in 'red wood forest'. Mmmmmm.

I had joined the CAL at Crochetville for making the FCEC Tote bag and I did start it. Then I saw Jewels blog and remembered seeing and loving the Booga Bag. No offense to the tote bag, I just like this one much much better. So I have abandoned the tote in favor of compiling a crochet pattern for the Booga Bag. So far so good I am just freaking out about the size right now and hoping that it shrinks (I mean a couple of inches all around!).

We went to town to get some flooring (parque) to match our entry way and to go down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. We needed 9 and ended up with 6. When we got to one store they didn't have the color we needed (oak-hello) so they called their distribution store and they had of all things, NINE!! so they were to set them aside until we made it there to pick them up. When we got there and the guy pushed the cart up it only had six in it. We were like 'whoa, where are the other three?' and he says, "oh, someone must have seen them in the cart and taken them." WHAT! I won't get into what took place next. They are suppose to get 3 more boxes from another store and call us Monday with the pickup info.

Must get back to my bag and to the reveal I am making for my secret pal. Have a great Autumn day!
Peace all~ DAWN

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