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Thursday, October 13, 2005
  Of Felt and Exams and Charity. . .
First things first; for any on you who may care... I passed my CTA exam with a 93%! yeah! so my nites are free to crochet or read or whatever now, instead of studying.

Next, my felted bag (which has yet to be "named") turned out perfect! I mean it, perfect. It is still in the blocking stage but by this weekend, I will have attached the handle and will post about it with pictures. I may see if CrochetMe wants to put the pattern in the Dec./Jan. issue, if not I'll just throw it out there myself.


I made these for 25 Things (see sidebar). Let me thrill you: all this came from ONE skein of LB Wool Ease Chunky on sale for $3.22. Hellooo. . . that is one ski hat, one headband and one scrunchie for $3.22! I have like one yard of yarn left. That is awesome in my book, cause it means I don't have a bitty bitty ball to add to my stash. I'm so happy. I have one more skein to go (the green one called "grass") and then I will hit the stash pile to make more hats for charity.

Off to decompress. Oh, thank you so much Secret Pal for the encouragement on my test-- you rock!

Peace all~ DAWN


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