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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
  More Yarn
Okay, okay--I know I have stated in the past that I need to de-stash really really badly. But here is the thing... I joined 25 Things for Charity {side note: please check out this group of awesome people who are trying to make a difference through their craft of choice and if you feel the desire to, please join us--} back to my excuse; I joined 25 Things and then went to Hobby Lobby to kill some time while my spouse went in search of more parque flooring. They have a ton of Lion Brand on sale (don't rush to the store until you have finished reading my blog. . . it's rude). There on the shelf was Spice and Grass in LB chunky. Well, you know and I know that they would make great winter hats for someone. So in the name of charity I bought two skeins--see, I have will power.

If that weren't enough, I then went on to Walmart and found the Easy Knitting plus Crochet. I haven't even looked in it yet. I simply saw it, threw it in my cart and got the hell out of there with my fix in tow.

Felting update:

I have completed my bag (I wrote the pattern down as I went so I could share it with all you good people if they whole felting/fulling thing works out) I have only to finish up the end of the corded handle (I need my son to photograph me making a couple of stitches for the pattern) and then on THURSDAY I will be felting my heart out. Then I will go and take my CTA exam and proceed to throw up. Any who, it looks really really good and I can't wait to share it with you.

Peace all~ DAWN


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