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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Blah! I hate sickness!!
Sunday and Monday my youngest had the pukes/craps and today it is my husband.
Please, please, please don't let me get sick.
I have cloroxed and lysoled, wiped and washed my way around this house. Not to mention the handwashing that has taken place.
If it isn't enough that the sound of puking and groaning from the craps will make you ill, my dad decided that he was gonna boil TURNIPS! What the hell.
Can I come live at your house for a few days? I'm a licensed massage therapist. I can give you a back rub.
I'll dig my way out of this hell. Oh, and if that isn't enough drama. My oldest got bit by (we think) a spider sometime over the weekend and the back of his arm is swollen and red. To add to the fun, yesterday kids at school started asking if it was a Brown Recluse that bit him. "They're deadly, ya know". This is my hypocondriac son. We had to take him to the doctors yesterday so he could be reassured that he will not be taken to the other side by this bite on his arm. **Bonus: we have no health insurance at this moment so it's gonna cost us. But, we love our kids and their peace of mind and happiness are all that matter.
I better not get sick...
Peace~ DAWN

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