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Friday, September 30, 2005
  Yoohoo, where is the camera?
Well, I have some crochet to show you and I took pictures but do I have the camera? No.
My son took a picture of the Ecno Mesh bag I finished yesterday and then put it someplace mysterious.
This bag that Natalie designed is awesome! I took some 'groceries' into work for my snacks and it held up great. Bonus: I got a great compliment on it *wink* cause I'm making these for the girls in the office and it is good to know at least one of them loves it!

I will get the pictures up tomorrow for sure. We have an away football game to attend tonite. My sons team is on a losing streak and we don't want to miss any ass whiping that may take place. I still love watching my kid play. It is just too bad that his senior year is mared by such a bad run.

Well, farewell to September. You've been a great month. Now we are entering October tomorrow and it sure feels like autumn is on the way. A little chill in the air this morning and even this afternoon is a little on the cool side. Oh, this afternoon on my lunch break, the Fedx man came and delivered some Adagio tea I ordered plus the ingenuiTea pot. I used it to make a cup of Chestnut tea!! oh my God! delicious and oh so easy in that pot!!! I ordered the Holiday Sampler since autumn is here and that is when I love to drink hot tea. Plus some White Monkey green tea (I just love that name). Ooo, it smells so mild and sweet. I will have some of that one tomorrow.

Okay, it is back to work I go. Peace~ DAWN

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