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Friday, September 23, 2005
  Survived the Fair
Well, we made it there and back. We went to all the exhibits and found that my oldest won second place in his catagory for a picture of humming birds he drew. Congratulations to him. I think he was surprised and proud of himself. He is a good artist but lack confidence in himself. I keep telling him how good he is but he sees others and what they do and thinks he isn't that good. Ha! a blue ribbon should help with that.

I rode the Himalaya and the spookie ride and the farris wheel. That was enough for me. We had kettle corn, ice cream, cotton candy and funnel cakes. Won a blow up hammer, a little Stewie and a big 'ol turtle. We also went to the petting zoo and looked at all the birds and rabbits and cows. Pee yew. Oh, and we washed our hands an untold amount of time.

I have a full schedule of clients at work today and I have to study for my CTA's so I don't know how much crochet I will get to squeeze in. I have the scarf over half done and I bought another skein of Symphony for my poncho. I went to the bookstore yesterday and flipped through quite a few knitting books but couldn't commit to one. I want a good book on knitting full of tips and easy does it projects. I am still struggling with tension and I feel so awkward while I knit. I feel as though I look like I'm struggling with the needles and yarn. I probably am.

Oh, well. Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN

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