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Monday, September 26, 2005
  Secret Pal Stuff and a Movie
I want to give a big shout out to my secret pal: Thanks!!! Love all the great stuff I got in the box from around the world. The soap and perfume smell sooooo good and the chocolate was delicious (notice it is not in the photo). Thank you, again.

On to the movie: The Corpse Bride (rated ****) I would have given it a 5 *, but really it is hard to top Nightmare. Anyway, it was so great to watch. I wish I could move like they do. So fluid and graceful. The musical score was really great. I love the song they sing in the ghost bar with the skeletons. That whole scene was fantastic. The story was cliche (as much as it can be when dealing with spirts falling in love with people) but you get so caught up in the animation of the whole thing that you don't really care. It was a nice change of pace from the "normal" movie fluff or adventure. If you liked Nightmare Before Christmas you will like this movie, too. If you didn't then you can always drop your dime on Flight Plan or Proof. Whatever.

Crochet News: I have given up on the Fabulous Poncho, please don't ask why, just know that you will not see it in my Finished Objects pile. I am however joining the Felted Tote along at Crochetville for the tote in the new Family Circle Easy Crochet. Damn, that is a lot of capital letters. I can't wait to get a move on on this one.

Knitting News: I have begun the Endless Loop Scarf at KnitPicks. I'm using the finger weight yarn my secret pal sent me and size 10 needles. It is full of errors and coming along nicely. I don't care how many mistakes it has in it. It will be my first knitted piece and I will wear it with pride. Besides, if you can pick out the mistakes, you are obviously standing way to close to me and you better back off. I was working on it this weekend at a picnic I went to and this young girl came over and asked if she could "watch me do that". She said she crochets but loves to watch people knit. Well, that started a conversation cause if she was fascinated by my crappy ability to hold to needles and some yarn, she need to understand my lack of ablility.

Have a fantastic week everyone!!! Peace~ DAWN

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