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Monday, September 19, 2005
  Scarves and ponchos and squares, oh my!
Oh, what a busy weekend of crochet I had. I didn't take any photos, yet. I hate to post without pictures, but. . . here we are.

I finished both scarves for the scarf swap. I hope to have them in the mail by Friday. I will have my husband take some pictures on my lunch break for me.

Next up was a poncho for me. I am making the Fabulous Poncho modification by Kathleen. I am doing mine in mohair and thin chenelle blended together. PURPLE! mmmm. I am about halfway done with the neck/shoulder part.

Finally, squares!! I am done with the squares for the square swap. Plus some other squares that I can't talk about yet. I am squared out!!

My secret pal has sent me a post card from Italy! I wish she could take me with her on her adventures. I guess I will just have to be an armchair traveler and enjoy the fruits of her exploits.

Have a great day, everyone!! Check back later this evening for scarf pictures.
Peace~ DAWN

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