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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Oui, Oui Mon Amie
Well, I heard from my secret pal again and this time it was from France. Not only that, but the post card is in French. (luckily, my two older boys have had two years of French and helped me decipher the note). Now, either she is muli-lingual or she is so cleaver as to have someone who is help her. She is tricky, my secret pal. Tricky tricky. It has been a lot of fun, so far.

On to Knitting news. Thank you for all of you who left encouraging words and offered help. . . I appreciate it and may take you up on it, as well. Those of you not interested in knitting, well, I haven't abandoned Crochet, not by a long shot. There is room in my craft vault for more than one type of yarn craft. It will be a long long time before I get the hang of knitting, but I will not give up. It is a challenge and I want to be able to conquer it. Right now, I am struggling with tension. My tension seems very loose. I am using a size 10 needles with worsted weight yarn. I'm sure with more practice, my tension will come out more even. I think I have the knit stitch down and hope to move on to purling this weekend. That looks a lot more complicated. I am using the Continental method cause I'm use to holding my yarn that way with crochet.

Hang in there for the scarf photo and pattern. Maybe by Thursday I'll have a picture up and by Sunday the pattern. I'm slow, but work takes up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and when I have down time I want to sit on my butt and vegg.

Oh, great news (she said sarcastically!) our compressor on our AC here at home went out. Now wait, that isn't all (cause around here when it rains it freakin' storms) we also have to replace all ALL of the duct work under the house. We now have a new bill coming into our lives for approximately . . .$3,000. Yep. My husband was offically seperated from the Air Force after 17 years on Monday (seperated, not retired so there are no benefits) so he is currently looking for work. I have a job that pays well but not for 5 people. Christmas is around the corner, our oldest is graduating from high school this year and now we have AC problems. Does that sound like a good excuse for a drink?

Deep breath; move on. I'll leave you with this. My dad (who lives with us) stepped on a garter snake on the back porch this afternoon. The snake was in the process of devouring a bird. He slithered off into the underbrush by the back door probably pissed cause his meal got interrupted. Glad my dad had his shoes on. Yuck!
Peace all~ DAWN

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