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Thursday, September 01, 2005
  One of the Flock
Well, if there is a gas shortage in our neck of the woods, we helped contribute to it. Last nite at 9:00 p.m my husband calls and says, "get the boys and bring the cars (yes, that was plural) and the gas cans from the barn (no, we don't live on a farm) and meet me a the gas station. They still have it at $2.79 and I want to fill everyone up before morning when it will probably be $3.00 a gallon." So, there we were, lined up with all the other gas whores in town waiting our turn to get the last cheap gas known to man. Well, I don't know about you, but this sucks all around.

Just when you get to feeling sorry for yourself, you see pictures of all those people in the wake of Katrina who basically woke up one morning and all they had was each other. Nothing else. No clothes, no possessions, no pets, just what they took with them or carried off and held onto. If it wasn't enough to be embraced by this tradgedy, you have the fringe: i.e the assholes who think, in moments of chaos, "hey, that store over there has a bunch of vcr's and tv and blah, blah, blah, lets go take as much as we can." Really?

Send what you can in these tough times and if you can't send anything or give any money, then pray. Just keep the energy positive, whatever else you do, just keep the energy positive and we will all get through.

Peace~ DAWN

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