Wild Yarn
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I'm working on a new keyhole scarf out of TLC Essentials so I will know about how much yarn is required of the scarf. The first one was done with cakes of yarn so the yardage was unknown.

It is slow going with the Fabulous Poncho. The is the neck/shoulder part and is maybe halfway around. I love the yarn color and texture. It is wonderful to work with. It is LB symphony mohair and a super thin burgandy chenelle held together. I can't wait to have it done and wear it (if the weather turns cooler--it is suppose to get up to 90 degrees today).

I'm hitting craft stores tomorrow--day off--and then we are going to go the the county fair. Yep, corndogs and cotton candy. I will ride some of the rides, but not any spinny, loopty-doopty rides *pardon my green around the gills expression*. Having children has done something to my equalibrium. I can't take spinning like I use to.

Random song from the iPod: Super Duper Love by Joss Stone
Drink: hand-dipped shake from Hardees (chocolate)
In the mail: the new Crochet magazine (chuck full of SHITY projects--yeah, I said it)

Peace~ DAWN

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