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Monday, September 05, 2005
  Hemp & Beads on Labor Day
I planned since Friday to make myself and ankle bracelet for work. I mean I have the beads and all the findings so why not? So today, Labor Day, I got out my beads and my hemp and my crochet hook and went at it. Here are the results of my LABOR:

This is the beginning of the project. I had to start it twice to get it around my ankle and to get the bead crochet down. As you can see, the green/blue beads are not your typical "round" beads. They are more flat and oval. Great stone, though!

And here is the final project all neat and tidy on my shiny ankle (I lotioned it up for the photo -- with massage lotion, cause that was the first thing I grabbed). Notice the red masquito bite; it's there. My youngest pointed it out. Thanks, babe.

Little side note: I made the anklet to long, go figure, and instead of starting over, I decided to close it with snaps! so I put on two snaps on the ends and it fits perfectly. Love it and will wear it often. It gives my clients something to look at while they are getting worked on.

Peace all~ DAWN

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