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Thursday, September 15, 2005
  AC/DC, baby!
You are Angus Young's groupie.

What rockstar's groupie are you?
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I love AC/DC, so how fitting is this.

Our AC should be finished today (I hope so, cause a lot of hot guys--and I'm not talking "good looking", are hell to live with. I've never heard so much whinning in my life).

My son got his Ipod back yesterday and I will re-boot it for him while he is at school today. He is quite happy. See, that didn't really take long at all. About a week and a half.

Who else if pumped about the new Survivor tonite? Come on, fess up; there is nothing to be ashamed of here. I'm excited!! Next week will be even better cause Medium and CSI and Lost are new, too. Yippie!!

Have a great day. Peace~ DAWN

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