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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  Where for art thou YARN
There was a glitch in my Knitpicks order. I came home from work last nite to a note from my son saying one of my yarn colors was wrong. Yikes! so I called and had the worst phone connection EVER!! but the gist of the conversation went something like: The 'fawn' is marked down as 'bark' so do you want fawn or bark. I want 'fawn'. Then I think she was having a problem getting it to be accepted in the computer so when I hung up she was gonna have someone come over and help her. I will be calling back this afternoon on my break to find out if it was corrected and if my order was mailed out. I WANT MY YARN! {it was really cool of them to call and let me know though--yeah! for Knitpicks}

My Secret Pal ecard-ed me again! I love seeing mail in my inbox from my Secret Pal. It is so exciting.

Today I get to order Cap and Gown for the senior in our house and a class ring for the junior. Yippie. {that was sarcasum}. Not that I don't want them to have these things -- it's gonna cost, buddy, oh yes it will -- but it means they are one step closer to being gone from me and their dad. One of my clients just sent her son off to college last Thursday and she was soooo sad and it made me sad thinking of my own boys and how close they are to doing the same thing. I won't cry yet, I won't. See what those of you with youngin's get to look forward too. You think as they get older it gets easier. WARNING: it does not and it is best that you know that now.

On that note, have a great day! Peace, DAWN

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