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Sunday, August 21, 2005
  SwallowTail Shawl

Well, there you go. . . my SwallowTail Shawl. It started out as a regular triangle but it was getting to pointy to fast at the bottom and not wide enough at the shoulder, so. . . enter ingenious thought. Add side panels. So I did and they created little angles on either side. If I had increased each row at the bottom, it probably would look more swallowtail like, but it reminds me of it anyway. It wraps around the shoulders really nicely (like for reading or watchin movies). I like it.

I will get some pictures up one day of the squares I'm making but for now, I want to go in search of the Easy Crochet mag. from Family Circle. Fat chance of me finding it here (I'll probably have to go to a larger town). I will give it a try anyhow.

Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN


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