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Thursday, August 25, 2005
  Oh Joy, oh joy
My yarn basket runnith over! my replacement order from Knitpicks came yesterday and I am one happy girl. I have already begun the "sweet peas" wrap for moi. It is going fabulously.

It is a lace weight yarn so it is taking some getting use to. My tension is either way to tight or loosey goosey. I really have to pay attention while I make this until I get the hang of it. Plus, as you can see it is not in a ball. This is thin stuff so it is a knot nightmare to wind up in a ball. But it is ultimately worth it cause just look at all that color in 440 yards of wool!! woohoo

Now, onto the rest of my order. As you can see from all of the colors, I must be planning something pretty big. . . those gorgeous colors are going to become scarves for Christmas. Just you wait until you see them in their completed forms. Right now they look, well, like balls of color, but later. . . Wow! I have some winding to do with them also. It will keep me out of trouble ( I think).
Now can you see why I was so upset a few posts ago about this lost yarn? Yes, I knew you would understand.

Well, I am off to crochet my little heart out until house duties pull me away. Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN

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