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Saturday, August 20, 2005
  Missing in Action
My yarn is missing in action!! Knitpicks has tracked it to my local post office--like 5 days ago and has it been delivered to me? NO! The brown yarn that they had to send as a replacement for the wrong color code arrived today, one week after the big package was sent out. Knitpicks is so awesome, though. I called and explained my dilema and they say if the yarn doesn't get here on Monday they will re-ship the whole order. Bless Them! So, I have one skein of lace weight brown wool and no playmates for it so my project is on hold.

I finished a kick ass shawl this afternoon. You will just have to take my word for it until tomorrow when I can get a picture up. It will be worth the wait. Plus, I am working on the squares for the swap. The ones I'm doing now are a little more difficult but way cool and so I want to make up 5 or 6 of them (plus one for me to keep and add to my blanket). I also finished up the Secret Pal project. She will be getting a sweet package. I almost don't wanna part with it, but that is all part of the fun. My secret pal sent me a cool ecard (they are all cool, who am I kidding) and she says she is working this weekend!! Drat! I hope she can squeeze in some time for herself.

It is so frickn' hot! man, a dip in a pool or a strole on the beach or a run through a sprinkler would be great. But, here I sit in the house full of AC and bitch. Seems like the thing to do. When it is hot you talk about the heat and when it is cold you talk about the cold and when gas prices are out of this world you wish to God you had bought an electric automobile.

Peace all~ DAWN

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