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Saturday, August 06, 2005
  Long Time No Bloggie
Wow, has it been three whole days since last I blogged? Wish I had some fantastic crochet project to show you, but alas, it has been all work and no crochet for me.

Here is the loaded peach tree. Yummy! Well, I have two projects picked out for my S.P over at Crochetville. However, I have not begun them yet. I haven't crocheted much of anything lately. I did make a scarf, but it is way too long. Really, it is overly long. I may rip it and begin again.

I still need to post a picture of the striped hat; I still need to take a picture of it first. I feel utterly lazy lately. My son wants the hat, so I guess he can be the model for it. See, that is all the motivation I needed. Witness the
spiral striped hat. Although, it isn't much of a spiral. But what can you do. It was fun and quick to

make and the older one likes it plus, it is ribbed or not. You can reverse it for a different texture. I love the two color blues together. Just some left over yarn in the stash that wanted to be made into something.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend. I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby but the husband wants to put the Corvair into a local car show at 4 today and Hobby Lobby isn't opened on Sundays so it looks like I'm out of luck. {of course, it is beginning to thunder outside and cloud up so maybe we are in for some rain, hmmm, do I smell car show cancelation?}

Peace all~ DAWN

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