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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  I Got It!
I got it, I got it! I got the new issue of Family Circle easy Crochet! My local Wal-mart came through for me. Just when I had resigned myself to the fact I was gonna have to wait till I made a trip into a bigger town, there she was tucked behind the knitting mags and beside the beading mags. (sshh, I took all the issues and moved them to the front next to the knitting mags). Some lucky crocheter will thank me. This is a really good issue. Lots of cool patterns in some nice yarns and AND they mention not only CrochetMe (page 9) but also Crochetville (page 10) and they give a nod to the Red Sweater Project (which I happened to mention before and to which I have sent a sweater). Very cool, indeed. Now (without sounding greedy) I just need to get my hands on the new Interweaves Crochet and I will be really happy.

My secret pal has informed me that she is going to scour the world for my gifts. Hmmm, what does that mean. Is she independently wealthy (cause if so, cash is fine) or does she have some form of super power that we are not privalged to? or does she boarder countries and hop trains like she is going to the next town? Arugh!! where are you secret pal!

My shrug has pissed me off. I mean it. I have put it away and vowed not to touch it or look at it again until the weekend (and that is totally dependent on my mood). I am serious. I have the whole thing done, from sleeve to sleeve, so do you think I could make a nice boarder/collar around it without wanting to plunge a knife through it? ha ha, no. Of course not. Of course the end is going to cause me the most problems. I put a nice ribbed looking boarder on it and thought to myself (half joking) "wow, that looks a little snug". Yeah. It was. So, I put it away. That is all I'm gonna say about that for now.

Must make squares. Have a great day. Peace (and special thoughts to those affected by Katrina).

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