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Sunday, August 28, 2005
  A Froggin' We Will Go
Hi, ho a froggin' we will go. That was the theme song for the week it seemed, including yesterday. If I took all the hours of crocheting and mulitplied it times the frogging I would have been able to create a blanket the size of Tennessee. Instead, I have 1/2 a shrug, 1/3 of a scarf and a motif and then some of a scarf/wrap. All quite good and all going smoothly, now. To get to this point however cost me lots of sane hours and a bottle of wine. Could have been more wine, but that would have increased the frogging.

The scarf if pissing me off, however because it is curling up the sides. I'm afraid when it is over I will have a cigar roll to put around my neck. Hopfully blocking it in the end will take care of that pesky rolling. You may hear a scream if it doesn't. The shrug has taken me forever to figure out the measurements. I think I have it now. I am making it one piece, with no seams, like the knit shrugs. It will be long sleeved for the chilly football games that I get to go to. The scarf/wrap. . . well, I want to save that one for when it is done. I will be most happy with that one in the end. It is a variation of the lacy shawls that are in Vogue Knitting right now. I love the look of the lace knitting that is out there on peoples blogs! *Green with envy*

Okay, the coffee is kicking in and I am getting hungry, so have a great day crocheting and spending time with your loved ones.
Oh, later this evening, we are going to see the movie BROTHERS GRIMM (who doesn't love Matt Damon and Heath Ledger and magic and forests). I will let you know how it was.
Peace all~ DAWN

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