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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  A Day Off

This is my version of the Bernat Baby Hat called Baby Toque. I didn't like the way the pattern was written (from the brim up, yuck!) so I re-vamped it to suit my way of making hats. I think it turned out just as cute and I think that the baby won't care. Love love love the way the color way swirled in candy stripe fashion around the hat. It goes: white, green, white, purple, white, blue. I didn't even have to work at that one. I am showing you this lovely creation because of a horrible thunderstorm we had on Saturday. Remember the car show I previously blogged about. Well, it didn't happen cause the rain turned into a storm and we (I say we, laughing) decided to go to Hobby Lobby after all. That is where I picked up the cotton-tots yarn for this hat. I had planned on purple for the brim, but not nowing the sex of the baby my sons said a green brim would look more neutral. So I took their advice. By the way, the hat is sitting on my salt crystal lamp.

Ahh, the storm. On the way out of our small town we saw a wreck on the interstate before we got to the on ramp (the traffic was stopped and backed up for MILES). This jeep had flipped on the slick road right at the on ramp and it looked pretty bad. We decided to go about 5 miles up to another exit and on the way saw a house fire (it had been struck by lightening) and about one block up from that a car repair business had fire trucks at it; must have had some trouble, too. Not to mention about 5 large trees in various yards that had been split by lightening and where taken down. It was a fast moving horrible storm. Well, when we got on the interstate (finally) there was only us and two other cars. No shit. For about 20 miles it was like this. That wreak had backed up traffic that long. Okay, enough of that.

I have a day off and plan on getting into some serious crochet for my secret pal. I already have some things done, but I want to make something bigger. Plus, I need to finish off about 10 more squares for the square swap. Have a great day! Peace all~ DAWN


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