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Monday, August 29, 2005
  The Brothers Grimm
Who doesn't love a fairy tale? and to get one story with elements of about 20 fairy tales wound up in it, well...it was very cool. The brothers are brothers, they argue and don't see eye to eye. One is dominate and one sees beyond outward appearances and in the end, their love for one another comes full circle. The Grimms are grim, in that they grew up in hard and uncertain times and it is reflected in their stories and in the darkness of the movie. The stories are dark and the ambiance is dark but the characters and their relationships with each other are not. There are funny moments peppered throughout and in the end you see where all their stories came from and you want to believe in their fairy tales if for no other reason than to have and excuse to lick a frog for directions (how else are you gonna kiss one, they don't have lips).
***** five stars (not for little kids. . . 8 and older - - might give a fright to ones younger than that, my 9 year old liked it a lot).

I am almost done with the shrug, but because of work, it may take till the weekend. I still need to finish sleeve number 2 and then work a ribbed edge around it.
Peace all~ DAWN

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