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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
  (**sniffle)Thanks, ya'll
Thanks for all the love yesterday (*grin*), I really appreciated all those fine comments.

Okay, without further ado.. the particulars of the above photo. I used the pattern from Crochet Fantasy June 2004 issue and it is called the Salmon Tunic. Do me a favor, gals, when you design your own things take a cue from the knitters out there and come up with some really awesome names for your stuff. Not something that sounds frumpy or "fishy". Anyhow, I modified it slightly by making the sleeves 3/4 length instead of long sleeved and I used ww yarn instead of bulky (so there was some gauge issues--but nothing to terrible). The pattern was super easy and done in one continuous piece. When finished simply stitch up the sides and you are done!! I used recycled yarn from an ugly sweater I purchased at the Good Will (love them). There you have it; a nice top to wear over my swim suit so I can get some ice cream or walk down the boardwalk or just hide my pink shoulders from the sun for awhile.

The leg shot was my sons idea of funny so I had to include it (no one should take themselves so serious that vanity gets in the way of a good laugh).

I must head out to work. 3 1/2 hours of massage on the first day of my period. Yippie!! TMI, I know, but we're all friends here so I feel like I can share, hehe.

Peace~ DAWN

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