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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
  Give me a shoulder, please
Well, the back of the shrug is done and I have begun the shoulder and sleeve of arm #1. It is moving right along.

I am trying to hold off on any other project at this time because I really want to complete this shrug and I have a tendency to get almost done with something and then start something else and, well you know how it goes from there. It doesn't stop me from dreaming or looking through magazines and blogs and congering up things in my head. I have about a gazillion outfits done in my head. Man are they awesome.

Anyway, the cocoon sweater that I have about 3/4 of the way completed- - -I'm gonna frog. No, no. Don't try to stop me. It won't do any good. I may photograph it first so you all can see how insane I truely am but I just can't finish it. Why? well, frankly it is frumpy and old-lady looking and I am anything but that. I refuse to wear something, even if I make it, that makes me feel like crap. I will take the Caron Simply Soft and wind it into nice balls (on my winder) and then I will make it into a sweater this fall. I have the pattern already from an old Crochet Fantasy. I just can't wear a cocoon.

Wow! it is gorgeous here today. I hope where you are it is just as beautiful.
Peace all~

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