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Sunday, May 01, 2005
  Finally Some Sun!
Yes! We finally have some sunshine here in Tennessee. I was beginning to wonder if spring was just a tease, but I think it may be coming back. The house wrens that nest in our garage every year have a new brood of babies! They hatched and each time you walk out through the garage you can hear them calling out for food. It is so sweet.

Well, I had to frog the "pink" top again. I had to, I tell ya. I couldn't stand the idea of making something with all of my blood sweat and tears and in the end not being able to wear it! So for now, it sits as a ball of pink soft cotton sport yarn that is destined to become a shrug for my sons girlfriend. Don't judge me. I haven't given up on the tank top. Just one made from this particular yarn. It really is too pink for me and she likes pink and I think shrugs are awesome! so, she gets it.

I have begun a shrug for myself, first. Scroll down to the photo of the dark blue "princess" yarn. I'll wait.
Okay, I'm using that. It is the most awesome yarn. It is really a ribbon yarn but the most narrow I have seen! It feel like a cross between a sport and ww yarn. When you get the fabric going, it has a little give to it. Lovely. Wouldn't you know it, Elanns is sold out of it already! It also has a nice shine to it. Hope they get more of it in!

Have a great day!
Peace all~

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