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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Wow, I got home from work last nite and it was like yarn-a-palooza in my living room. One of my orders from Elann's arrived (love them, by the way--super fast delivery) and my last package from the Crochetville Spring Yarn Swap! Woohoo--thank you so much Donna for the awesome package! In the Elanns box we have some cool blue yarn that I'm gonna make a shrug out of and the other suede type yarn is for the lacing in the tank top I'm gonna make when my yarn from KnitPicks arrives. In Donna's box we have a large assortment of yarns to choose from and I can't wait to begin using them!! To make my addiction even sicker, my Walmart has their new yarns out and I have to show some form of restraint. They now carry the LB Suede (yeah!) and some new colors in the homespun plus a terry type yarn that is similar to Amore. Help! I went cheap and bought one skein of Caron Simply Soft in "embroidery print". It's like a fiesta in a ball!! It was just to happy and pretty not to take home. I think it's gonna become a little purse, cause I want to carry the happy colors with me wherever I go.
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See, isn't that happy?

On the doily front. . .I have 6 rounds more to go!! Yippie! It is looking so good--I must say, I love a square doily. The pineapples are done and now it is a matter of framing them in. I also bought a copy of Interweave Knits (and if I were a knitter, I'd get me a copy cause they have some cute patterns in it) anyway, in it they announce that the Crochet edition is coming out on SEPTEMBER 7! did you get that- - SEPT. 7 mark your calendars.

Okay, I'm all linked out in this post so enjoy the yarnie goodness I have posted and I'll talk at you later.
Peace all~

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