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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Still no sign of the koi. It remains a mystery. I just hope he is happy, wherever he may be.

My son did get the program back up for the digital camera, so I can share some of my FO's with you. The photo of the scarves is just a tease. Not that I think my swappie even reads my blog, but you know you talk out there. You know you do. . .so it's just a close up of the stitches and yarn. I'm not mailing them off yet. I have my reasons. Okay, I'm not sure if I'm gonna add more to the package or not. Sending off scarves by themselves just isn't me.

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Next we have the Summer Shawl for 2005. The pattern link is in the previous post. My sons when they saw it on the camera thought it was a thong. They are teenagers, need I say more.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It is made from some knubby yarn that I got from handpaintedyarn.com. They have great yarn, but it is slow getting to you. Don't order from them if you are in a hurry, otherwise give them a try. Oh, the blue-ish scarf is done with the "lover's knot" stitch. My first try at it and I think I'm in love (hehe). It was a lot easier than I thought. I must have been having one of my interiority complex moments when I first saw this stitch and was intimadated. It was a snap. I will have to do it again on a larger project so you can really see the stitch. This scarf is only about 3 inches wide.

Proud mom moment ahead: My oldest is taking his girlfriend to the junior/senior prom on Saturday and yesterday he got his tux. Oh my God! he is so handsome. I will be posting pictures next week so if you have teenage daughters look out. That is all I'm gonna say, cause the pictures will speak for themselves.

Have a great day. Peace~

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