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Friday, April 22, 2005
  Some F.O's
Well, long time no blog. Really, I've been busy. Between work and home and crochet. . . it's a good thing breathing is automatic. I do have some finished objects to show you in case you are tired of seeing my son all gussied up. The first one is for the Red Sweater Project. Check out the link I posted to read all about it. It is a tiny red sweater to hang from a tree to represent one lost soul in the Iraq War.
This project is an art installation that was inspired by the war in Iraq. Its purpose is to spread public awareness, encourage thought, and inspire discussions about war and current events without promoting a specific view.
This quote was taken from their website. It explains the project quite well, I think. Anyway, I'd love to see this tree in person after all the little sweaters are in place. What a sight it will be.

Next up is the scarf I created from the Petal stitch pattern that so many are doing in a shawl inspired by Jessica Simpson that she wore on like the first season of her show Newlyweds (and ironically hasn't worn since. . .). I think that was about 3 run-on sentences. I appologize for you grammar freaks, I mean nuts, I mean aficionados.
Anywho, I have been torturing myself for months trying to break the code on this frickin' stitch!! and when I say frickin' you know what I mean. I am lucky to have accomplished this here scarf. I have it down pat and even though many of you may want instructions, I'm afraid it would entail my head exploiding and I'm not really into that happening. So, go here Flower Stitch and figure it out yourself. Sorry to be so brutal, but once you get a stress headache over it, you will understand. I did however vary it a bit to come up with the scarf, otherwise it adds a top petal for another row (which I didn't want). To make a long story short: I LOVE THIS SCARF. It's hip, its cool and it's quick to make and if I hadn't finished off my partners scarves already, I'd give her this one too. But I have other plans for it.

I have some birdie pictures to share but I will save that for another day when I need to post (possible this weekend or Monday). I have to work Saturday so the chances of me posting are like none. I have three long massages to do and probably before tomorrow morning there will be a few more added to my schedule.

Happy Earth Day--go out and celebrate this great planet that supports us and make a real effort to make EVERYDAY eathday so we can do something nice for her for a change.
Peace all~

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