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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Slow and steady progress on the throw for my massage room. I've kinda stalled on the scarf, but will pick that up again soon. I also need to get my yarn packed up and sent off. The order I was expecting has stalled out somewhere between me ordering and them shipping. Go figure. I have plenty to send, but I was hoping to include some yarn that was a little bit different.

It is rainy and yucky here and my husband has to make a second trip to Florida. Hopefully this will take care of it. So he will be gone for a couple of days. It is suppose to turn nice for the weekend, which by nature is unusual. I may have to work a couple of hours on Saturday (which sounds really weird to say). It's cool though because they will be cash clients instead of insurance ones, which means money that day instead of two weeks from now.

My housework has really slacked off over the past week and a half and I need to do something about it, desperately before we drown in clutter and laundry. Can I get an "amen". Maybe tomorrow. . .

There is a really horny dove in my back yard and he is trying to make it with two females! He is very aggressive. The females are ignoring him, pushy little bastard.

Have a great day! Peace all~

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