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Sunday, April 10, 2005
  Sew and Sew
Who has been busy sewing? I know, I know. . . it's me. I bought my flax seed yesterday and today I put out the sewing machine and went to town. I finished up the comfort pack that Donna created for Crochet Me . It really is a nice pattern and mine turned out wonderful. I had made some eye pillows when I was in massage school that just had pellets in them and decided to make some for my clients that were a bit nicer. So the eye pillows and comfort pack are chuck full of flaxseed and lavender and rosemary (the lavender and rosemary are from my own garden). Mmmmmm, they smell so good and their weight is so nice on your eyes and back. I heated them up and made (I say that loosely) my husband try them out. It got his seal of approval so I guess I am good to go.

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Mouse had suggested using rice instead of flaxseed because of the rancid factor when the seeds are heated. Well, I had already bought the flax before I read the comments so I went ahead and used them. I will keep a nose out for anything odd and of course I can open them up and replace as needed. But thank you for the tip, Mouse:)

Okay, my fingers are itching to do some crochet, so off I go.
Peace all~

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