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Monday, April 04, 2005
Over the weekend, I got going on a few projects. I made the comfort pad that Donna designed for CrochetMe. It turned out wonderful. I made mine a little longer so it measures 8 1/2 x 11 1/4. It will fit my clients better that way. I can put it on their feet, back, or neck. I will probably make a couple more to have on hand.

I also got started on a blanket for my room to drape across clients if the sheet is not enough. When it is complete I'll post about it. I'm doing it in LionBrand Homespun in a dark green (I think it is called Plantation).

I also finished up the body of the Cocoon Sweater. Yes, I'm still working on it. I put it down after getting back from Vegas and yesterday was the first day I picked it back up. I am working on the sleeves. So far so good. I try it on often to make sure it is fitting properly. I measured mine from elbow to elbow, so my "shoulders" are just below my actual shoulders. If you have never read the pattern or the many variations out there, then this means nothing. It is a pattern that you have to play around with to get the right formula for your body. Pain in the ass. It better look fantastic or I'm burning it along with the instructions and will never speak of it again.

I am getting together my yarn for the yarn swap at Crochetville and will try to get those out this week. I have to get at least one out because it has to go overseas. One of my orders of yarn is taking way to long to arrive so I'm gonna have to find a substitute yarn for one of them that I ordered. How dare they take a vacation without telling me!! oh well, flexability is an art.

Have a great day.
Peace all~ DAWN

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