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Sunday, April 17, 2005
  Jr./Sr. Prom 2004
Wow, it is over and done. All prom goers are back home and the nite is in the history books. My son and his girlfriend look so cute all dressed up in their matching attaire. Her dress is so pretty. I did her makeup for her cause her mom didn't feel comfortable doing it. Hmm, I have all boys and she has all girls and I ended up putting on the make-up. Curious. I wish I had taken a picture of what I woke up to this morning. Right outside of my sons bedroom door was a strung out pile of formal wear (his only--in case you thought this was taking a different direction). He must have begun undressing the minute he got in the door. I love the suit he picked out. It didn't have the usual lapels and was very stream-lined. It made him look taller than his actual 6' 1" frame. Yes, he is that tall at 17. As you can see, I chopped his head off for fear of not getting his date fully in the picture. Must have been all the excitement.

Okay, enough of that.
I have almost finished a project that I will post about tomorrow. Plus I have begun a lacy tank top for myself. Keep your fingers crossed. I hate making clothes because they never seem to fit right. Maybe I'll do it right this time.

Okay, for now, enjoy the photos.
Peace~ DAWN

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