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Thursday, April 28, 2005
  Hope and a Prayer
Well, I got my yarn from knitpicks and have begun the tank top. Three times to be exact. God! have I mentioned that I hate hate hate making clothes? and yet I cannot bitch about no cool crochet patterns if I don't try out the crochet clothes. After all that is really what I'm bitching about.

Anyway, I frogged the top twice because the gauge was off. Not because of ME--gasp and finally on the third go around I said F*** it and am going ahead with it even if I have to squeeze myself into this thing once it's done. Now, about the yarn. YUMMY soft! like butta' but the color is a little on the pink side for my taste. Oh, don't get me wrong; I'm making this top regardless of color or size just to prove a point to myself. Besides, I have more yarn and more summer tops on my list of "to do's" and if I quit now over things such as size and color--well, I may never try again. We can't have that. On the plus side the suede yarn for the edging is my saving grace in all of this (here comes the prayer part): I just pray that all I need is one skein like the $#@!**^@* pattern said because ELANN has sold out of it! Pray with me sisters and brothers or this could get ugly.

Have a great day. Peace all~

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