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Sunday, April 24, 2005
  Doilies Aren't Square/Or Are They?
I would like to thank BRANDY of Stitchin' Etc. for posting the link to the latest doily that she will embark on. I love it and have started it myself. I'm on round 9 and it is looking so good. I'm using a size 3 cotton so it will be larger than the pattern says but that is perfect. If I have enough thread I will make about 3 of them to go on the shelves of a corner unit in my massage room. When I saw this square pineapple doily I just had to have it. Thanks Priscilla Hewitt! your patterns are Grrrreaaat!

I needed a small project to keep me busy until my yarn for a tank top comes in. I was making a top but frogged it for the second time because the yarn just wasn't right for clothing. So I ordered some nice sportweight cotton from Knitpicks (I picked Orchid) and have my pattern from an old Crochet Fantasy ready to go. Remember the old Crochet Fantasy (ahh, that was a nice magazine for crocheters. Not like the one they have out now, full of grandma type patterns--). Tip for magazine editors. . .LOOK AT THE KNIT MAGS OUT THERE, RE-CREATE THE PATTERNS IN CROCHET AND PUT IT IN A MAGAZINE FOR CROCHETERS! DUH!!!!!

Today is "pamper me day". I have my parafin wax melting away in the pot and I have my tub ready for my feet to soak and I have my nail color all picked out (although, I won't actually paint my fingers and toes until Deperate Housewives are on. . .what else would you expect me to do while watching?). There will probably be a facial in my future, but not until tomorrow morning when everyone is gone and I can look geekie without all the funny comments and snickers. Mmm, snickers. Sorry. I haven't had a good breakfast yet. Just Coffee!!

Have a great day everyone and take some time to paint your nails (or buff them if you are not a polish person).
Peace all~

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