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Friday, March 04, 2005
  What to Pack?!
We're leaving tomorrow so I won't be blogging for a week. This is the part I hate about traveling.....what to pack!! You have to have casual clothes, dressy, warm, cool. It's a freakin' nitemare trying to narrow it down to get a weeks worth of clothes (and shoes) into one bag. Then there is your carry-on and what all you want with you and can you cram it all into the correct size bag and then can you lift the bag and drag it around the airport. If I were a seasoned traveler and did this as a regular routine for my job, it would be a no brainer. Oh, and I left out something very important. Not over stuffing your suitcase so you can fit in the extras that you inevitably buy while your away....
I'll work it out, don't you worry.

Speaking of worrying. . .I'm leaving my kids for a week! 2 teenagers and a 9 year old! My poor father is the one that is in charge of this little group. How thrilling for him. My youngest is so afraid that his grandpa will forget to pick him up at school (especially Friday, cause they get out early) he is constantly reminding him and is planning on leaving notes all over the house for him. Because he is worrying it's making me worry. My husband just says, "knock it off". Men.

I began a new project for myself called the "cocoon sweater" for a shrug CAL at crafters.org. There are no pictures really to go with this pattern and the size gauge is a total guess so this is a total experiment. I will keep you posted on the progress.

How do you like the doggie pictures? The white german shepard is my baby and the beagle is my husbands. Well, he really belongs to Timber the german shepard but . . . I love my puppies!!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend and week and I, well frankly, I'm gonna have a blast. Look forward to catching up when I return....until then, play nice
Peace~ DAWN

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