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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Oh is it a beautiful day out; cold but pretty. The sun is shinning and the wind is down. So much better than the cloudy day we had yesterday. Bonus. . . no snow!!

Here is a photo of the 'mesh wrap' that I was working on. I'm taking it on the plane and I think it will be nice with jeans and a tee-shirt if I need it while in Vegas. It is so warm and fuzzy and soft.

I'm still waiting for a couple of books to arrive so I have something to read on the plane. If they don't get here in time I will have to pick something off my bookshelf (it's not like I don't have a multitude of books to choose from, but I was looking forward to one of the two that I'm expecting). Plus, I need to figure out what I want to work on crochet wise while I'm waiting for the husband to get out of his meetings. He'll be out by lunch time which gives me the mornings to crochet and wonder around and then we have from the afternoon on for ourselves. Yippie.

My sons fever broke last nite, thank goodness. At one point his face was so red and his eyes so glassy he looked aweful. His temp at one point was 103! after some tylenol and a cold wash cloth he went to sleep and woke up with natural color and clear eyes. He still sounds like shit though.

Hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous day!!
Peace~ DAWN


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