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Monday, March 14, 2005
  I'm Baaack!
Well, we made it back from Vegas in one piece. It was crazy at the end because of all the race fans that pounced on the city for the Vegas Nascar race yesterday.

We had such a great time! very relaxing for my husband (who obviously needed some time away from the office). We saw Celine Dion -- which was a great show! and we ate at some awesome restaurants. My favorite in Vegas is Fiammas in the MGM hotel. It is the BEST!! The service is always great and they don't rush you and you can't beat the delicious food. Put it on your "to do" list if you ever go. We also went to Red Rock Canyon. The whole week was gorgeous. Blue skies and 80 degree tempts. We had to find a Target so we could buy shorts for the hike. The canyon was beautiful! Took tons of photos and will post a few later. We could have spent a week just hiking through the canyon! I would love to be able to camp out there just once! The only wildlife we spotted was a tortoise and a roadrunner. I tried to get the road runners picture but by the time my husband finished backing the car up and I opened the camara lense and finally could focus because of the glaring sun, well, he was gone. What bird wants to sit through all that drama? I was hoping for some wild burros or some big horned sheep, oh well, at least we didn't run in to any snakes (that we know of).

No crocheting for a week! who knew I had that kind of will power. We kept busy pretty much of the time and when we did make it back to the hotel, all I wanted was a shower and to put my tired tootsies up. I read on the plane but I did spot two young women coming back-- one was knitting and one was crocheting. Also, saw tons of ponchos!! and saw this lady in the Vennitian who was hand painting some masks who had on a lovely crocheted shawl. I sat there eating my gelato and staring at her back trying to figure out the dimensions and the stitch pattern and with a little luck and some swatching, I may have it!! I'm so twisted, I hope no one saw me and thought I was a perve or something.

Well that about does it for now. You know how it is when you come back from a trip (especially if you leave the kids home). Tons of laundry and picking up to do. By the way, the kids where great and no one lost life or limb while we were gone. My dad did say that my little one missed us terribly and was super happy we were back. He even saved a little debbie for me and my husband to share and left a note threatening the older two if they touched it. Wow, that's love.....

Peace all!!

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