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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
  Home Sweet Home
Ah, it feels so good to be home. There is nothing like your own bed with your own pillows and all your stuff surrounding you. It really is important to make your home your haven. Paint your walls, frame your art, set out all the stuff that makes you happy and live in your homes!

I swear I am almost done with this baby blanket (hallelujah!). Just one more round and the edgeing. . . then I'm sending it off to baby land. Unfortunately for me, I will still have plenty of this darn yarn left to make another one. I was hoping this blanket would use it up. Oh well, it gives me a chance to make a star shaped baby blanket to donate to charity. The colors are cool together; you will see that for yourself in a few days, god willing.

I am so happy! (this is the part where if I were in a movie, I would be tossing flowers into the air) I finally found the perrrfect pattern for the flower swap (happy dance). I have one of my items done and I wanted to do one more for good measure and I came upon this pattern this morning while surfing the net cause of my withdrawal symtems. I'm going out this afternoon to get the color thread that I need. I can't wait to make one to see how it turns out!!!

I want to give a big shout out to Hilary Denise!! Thank you so much for the raok! She sent me a cute note with the cutiest black bunny fridgie and a really nice crochet madallion on a keyring. Love it!

Who else of you out there are going to be picking up a copy of The Incredables today? hmmm, admit it, it was damn funny and that baby and his powers in the end, whoa! gotta add it to the collection. And, Medium blew me away last nite. I love that show. I also love the fact that Patricia looks like a real woman and hasn't been forced to loose so much weight that she resembles a stick with boobs. Plus she dresses like a normal person without all the clevage and trendy crap. I could go on, but. . . if you haven't watched the show, just see it once at least. For dealing with the paranormal, it is more real than alot of shows out there.

Okay, must crack whip
must get things done
must, must, must

Peace all~ DAWN

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