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Sunday, March 27, 2005
  Here Comes Peter Cottontail. . .
Hope everyone is having a great Easter/Spring Celebration. Very low key around here today. After finding out what the 'bunny' left in your basket and gorging on chocolate (and hiding and finding eggs--which we didn't do) what's left. . . . .

How about crafting?! As you can see from the above photo, I got busy and took 8 tee shirts that were bound for the goodwill and or garbage and recycled them into a Rug for my kitchen. My husband (who is great with tools, by the way) made me a weaving loom for it and me and the youngest went to it. It is made like the old school pot holders with the plastic peg loom. I feel good about how it turned out and the family is impressed with my never ending need to find new uses for old stuff. Now I just need 8 more t's so I can make one for the littlest dog....

I got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Cinfulkarmah. She had my name for the Spring yarn swap. She loaded me up with some nice goodies and some great yarn that is bound for glorious things. I am also thrilled because today I ordered some yarn from ebay from Alpaca Amore. It is 100% cotton from Peru. I've never used it but am looking forward to it's arrival because I have great plans for it. If I like it I will be ordering some alpaca from them, too. I love alpaca. It is one of my all time favorite yarns. If I had the land, I would own some Alpacas and I would make my own yarn. I say that because I've never tried it. However, I might want to eat those words if it truely came to pass.

Peace all~

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